12 Things Your Kitchen Should Have for Cooking

One of the best kitchen appliances you can invest in is a microwave, and if you decide to get one, make sure it’s leftover from before the days of microwaves that came equipped with built-in grills.

While some people may think they’re not worth having, others swear by their kitchen gadgets and will tell you they would be lost without their kitchen tools.


This is because kitchen gadgets and kitchen utensils, whether you’re talking about a blender, can opener, or kitchen shears, make cooking and food preparation much easier and quicker; we should all be grateful for kitchen tools that actually do what they should! But, unfortunately, you may have these items sitting around your kitchen, unused and dusty. The only way to know for sure is to take a look at your supplies. The following are eight things everyone should have in their kitchens.

1) A solid cutting board

A good cutting board is essential if you are serious about cooking or chopping up food items before you cook them. A good solid cutting board will help you prepare food like a pro and is something that you can use until it’s time to replace your chopping block.

2) Plenty of storage containers

Everyone needs different-sized storage containers for their food; some people prefer glass, and others prefer plastic. However, we all need an adequate storage system that will allow us to keep food supplies fresh without them going bad.

You can pick up different-sized storage containers from your local supermarket or kitchen supply stores; it’s worth thinking about what you need before you head out on the hunt for these items.

3) A blender and juicer

These days, you can get a high-quality blender or juicer for an affordable price; this means that everyone should have one in their kitchen. Blenders and juicers come in all shapes and sizes and depending on what you’re looking to use your machine for determines whether you should go with a simple or more advanced model.

4) A simple can opener

While we now have access to handy electric can openers, a simple manual can opener is worth having for those times when the power goes out, and batteries need recharging. It’s also good to have around if you lose your main can opener or run out of juice.

5) A solid paring knife

A paring knife is a must if you are serious about cooking. You can use it for everything from peeling to cutting, seeding, and slicing your produce. It doesn’t matter whether your paring knife has a plain edge or serrated blade–make sure it’s sharp!

6) A reliable chef’s knife

If you are serious about cooking, investing in a good chef’s knife is something you’ll want to do sooner rather than later. Why? Well, your chef’s knife is the workhorse of your kitchen; it will help you create everything from appetizers to main dishes!

7) A reliable cutting board

As mentioned above, having a good solid cutting board is essential in the kitchen. You can also use it to serve food, so having one that’s easy to clean and store will help you whip up delicious eats for friends and family in no time at all!

8) Can opener

Your everyday household should have a simple manual can opener. Even if they can get by with an electric can opener, it’s good to have one of these on hand for those times when the power goes out, and you need to open up a can of food.

9) A good set of storage containers

Having a variety of different-sized storage containers will help you keep your food fresh and to prevent waste. You can pick up these items from local grocery stores or shops that sell kitchen supplies.

10) A reliable cutting board

A solid cutting board is essential for anyone who wants to cook their food the right way. A good cutting board will last you a long time, but make sure you clean it properly after each use.

11) A reliable chef’s knife

A simple chef’s knife is essential for any kitchen; it’ll help you prepare food quickly and easily. Be sure to check the type of blade on your chef’s knife–serrated or plain–before purchasing your knife.

12) A good set of storage containers

Having different-sized storage containers is essential; what’s more, you should consider getting glass or plastic storage bins to keep things organized.


A reliable chef’s knife, a good cutting board, storage containers, and other items are essential in every kitchen. Make sure you check out your local store to see what they have or purchase these items online if you want to save money.

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