5 Helpful Gadgets for Working Out

Fitness and healthy living have become a high priority these days more than previous generations. Consequently, numerous companies have introduced exciting workout gadgets that let us track our fitness goals and progress in style.

Whether you work out every day or at least sweat it out once in a while, these gadgets will surely help you in any capacity:

1. Smartwatches

Wearable technology is the new frontier, and smartwatches have been adapted easily. Smartwatches not only tell time, but they can also estimate calories burned, track a dozen exercise results, and record your steps. Plus, you can play your favorite music to motivate you while working out.

Smartwatches have fully integrated their users’ physical activities and digital lifestyle into one device. Users can see different health data like their heart rate, and many more.

Aside from those health-related metrics, you can also sync your email, read SMS, and even play music.

2. Wireless Earbuds/Sports Headphones

Regular earphones and headphones are not apt for workouts. Earphones tend to slip and tangle while headphones became warm to wear afterward. Luckily, wireless earbuds and sports headphones removed this hassle to make your workout more fun and enjoyable.

These gadgets have been designed to withstand flexing and stretching during workouts. Most of them are rubberized, sweatproof, and are IPX4 splashproof, allowing them to be worn in all seasons. These earbuds and headphones have a flexible build and adjustable ear fins to prevent them from falling off.

Sound quality is not compromised since they have noise-canceling features and ambient mode to play crisp music wherever. These headpieces also have long battery lives which range from 6-12 hours for extended wear.

3. Under-Desk Elliptical

An under-desk elliptical is a lower-body exercise equipment that lets you move your legs in an elliptical way. Its compact design allows it to be placed under a desk to give you a workout even during a busy day.

This portable elliptical device is convenient, easy to assemble, durable, and makes for a good addition to your routine if you’re doing interval training. The device has been designed to operate silently, so it won’t interfere with your other tasks.

Nevertheless, it’s powerful enough for different resistance levels. Some models even have Bluetooth tracking to see the estimated number of calories you burn while others have LED displays.

Lastly, desk ellipticals have textured and non-slip pedals to avoid slipping during intense use. Before buying, make sure that you check whether the size and specs will fit the space below your desk and if the features are suited for your lifestyle.

4. Indoor Cycling Bike

If you want a comfortable and convenient bike ride, you can opt for an indoor cycling bike. This is a great way to go cycling even when it’s snowing or raining outside. It allows for a different ride each time with its heavy flywheel that allows you to increase its resistance.

Getting an indoor cycling bike is a good choice since it’s more compact and quieter than an elliptical or treadmill. Besides, they’re adjustable and compact to accommodate any biker, and they’re stylish as well. If you want, you can choose a style or design that best complements your workout area.

Most indoor cycling bikes come with entertainment features to motivate you during workouts. This is especially important since experts recommend at least 40-60 minutes of biking each day.

Most models come with a tablet mount and even a tablet to access different workouts in their system. Moreover, pricier models have added surround sound stereos for an enjoyable biking experience.

5. Fitness Mirror

While fitness mirrors may look like a regular mirror, they’re actually more than that. A fitness mirror is an interactive trainer that lets you access a fitness trainer and allows you to record and monitor your health progress.

It’s a futuristic device as more people opt to work out at home. You can choose different workouts, join live sessions, and track your progress to help you do better.

There are many fitness mirrors available right now, and it’s easy to find one that is sleek and functional for your home. Every manufacturer has their own library of workout videos, and they even refresh it every week to keep customers motivated whatever their workout is.

You also have the option to record and send your workout to your trainer to see what to correct or determine if it’s time to change your routine.


With fitness as a priority right now, finding gadgets that will help you connect with experts and track your progress wherever you are has become a lot easier. The future of fitness is exciting as technology adapts to the customer’s needs.