Apps to Help Monitor Your Sleep

Monitoring your sleep and your sleeping patterns have a lot of benefits. For some individuals in this finding out how their rem cycle is faring and the things that they need to do to correct some problems that they may have with their sleep. For others, the medical issues may be deeper, and monitoring their sleep is one medical way to cope.

With that, this article aims to look at the different ways that individuals can monitor their sleep through the apps on their cell phones and the advantages of the many different applications that they can choose from.

Sleeping Apps

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is one of the best sleep monitoring apps that individuals use. It has been considered as an extremely useful app that is intuitive and includes important sleep data that could be used by individuals who want to keep a record of their sleep quality, their average sleep time as well as the answers to the questions: when are you in deep sleep? When are you in a light sleep stage? When are you waking up in the middle of sleep?

Sleep Cycle holds its patent on sleep tracking technology and has been featured on some major health and lifestyle publications as one of the best sleep pattern apps that people can use.

MotionX 24/7

An app that can help individuals determine not just their sleep patterns but also their quick naps is MotionX 24/7. MotionX 24/7 is said to be a personal sleep optimization app but it does more than that. It monitors the individual when he is asleep as well as his body motions. It measures the individual’s heart rate to check his sleep quality. 

The app also provides some options as to where the individual can set an alarm when his sleep quality lowers so that he can wake up properly when he is completely rested and not a minute more. The app can also be used to account for the many naps that the individual plans to take through the day. If you are looking for an application that can give you a more holistic approach towards sleep tracking, this is the one that is recommended by many.

Sleep Bot

Sleep Bot is considered the best sleep tracker app that the individual would want to have if he just wants to work with a bot that can help him sleep better. This application has already garnered some very good reviews from individuals who have tried it. The reliable tracking technology has a smart alarm that helps the individual wake up in the morning in their lightest sleep phase. It also ensures that the individual is relaxed and has some ambient music that would help them sleep better.

The alarm feature is also something else. It sets the individual apart from others. The AI is embedded with an alarm as well and this helps the app learn the behavior of the user. Soft music is also used by the app before the actual first alarm so that the individual user is not startled by the app.


An application that focuses on everything about your sleep is Pillow. This is used mostly by Apple users and helps track, record, and monitor the user’s sleep cycle. The app only requires that the user have an Apple watch and it will work based on what it is created for.

Sleep As Android

The counterpart of the Pillow app for Apple users is the Sleep As an app for Android users. This application is compatible with many different fitness apps related to androids such as Fitbit, Google Fit, and Samsung health. This is considered the best sleep tracker application that one must have if he has an Android phone. For many, it also detects motions and patterns during an individual’s sleep.

Choose one that fits you

There are a lot of other apps outside to get choose from. If you are already using an app and you do not want to change it anymore, that is entirely up to you. Of course, it is important to always make sure that you monitor your sleep properly with the app that you are more comfortable with. Your comfort should always be the number one priority.

Make sure that Youtube that application that fits you and your needs specifically. There is no need to adjust the application just because it is considered the best. The best application is always the one that you can easily access.