Benefits of a Walk-in Tub for Seniors

Benefits of a Walk-in Tub for Seniors

Elderly people and those with mobility issues need physical adjustments when it comes to their bathing requirements. As such, taking a long soak in a traditional bathtub can be problematic for them.

Walk In Tub

Slippery floors and wet feet may cause a serious accident. Besides that, getting into the bathtub can be more stressful than therapeutic.

However, we have seen in TV commercials and magazines the advantages of walk-in tubs for seniors. But are they worth the hype? What are the real benefits of a walk-in tub for the elderly?

  1. Improves Musculoskeletal Conditions

Studies suggest that water therapy can improve musculoskeletal problems like back pain and arthritis. Hence, walk-in tubs will provide the utmost relief that the body needs. Warm baths in walk-in tubs will also reduce inflammation and loosen stiff joints.

The best thing about walk-in tubs is that it offers great features like a hydromassage system. With this feature, you can target the affected area in the body – may it be back pain, bottom of your feet, or legs. This massage system stimulates soreness and reduces muscle and joint pain.

  1. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Walk-in tubs are great for a senior’s cardiovascular health. Once immersed in the tub, blood circulation improves, and the blood goes back to the heart easily. When the heart pumps faster because of the pressure that walk-in tubs provide, blood pressure is also reduced.

Hence, having a regular ritual in walk-in tubs for seniors will improve their overall health. The heart will pump more blood, and the blood vessels will dilate better. After all, a stronger heart prevents hypertension, arrhythmia, and other heart problems.

  1. Reduces Blood Sugar

Seniors who are diagnosed with diabetes will benefit a lot from walk-in tubs. A recent study suggests that a warm bath can help burn shock proteins and calories. As a result, blood sugar levels will improve, and blood sugar spikes will be reduced.

Besides dietary control, medication, and regular exercise, people with diabetes should consider walk-in tubs to help their condition.

  1. Best Shower Alternative

Walk-in tubs do not only provide a relaxing bath. It also makes the lives of seniors and their caregivers easy. Seniors and other people with limited mobility can use walk-in tubs as a sit-down shower.

Manufacturers have included a faucet set with an extendable showerhead. Users can hang this feature on a rod so bathers can either take a bath in a sitting or standing position. They can easily do whatever is convenient for them.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Accidents

Because of limited mobility, seniors are prone to accidents such as slips or falls. These accidents in the bathroom are a concern of the growing population of adults. For this reason, while the boomer generation keeps growing in size, expect the rise of accident costs.

  1. Improves Hygiene

Hygiene is important, especially that the world is facing a pandemic related to the COVID-19 virus. As taking a bath becomes difficult for seniors, maintaining good personal hygiene is quite hard, too.

Walk-in tubs, however, will help the elderlies manage their hygiene. It is equipped with a bidet to help clean themselves, especially in bodily areas that are difficult to reach.

  1. Alleviates Depression

Research conducted by the University of Freiburg in Germany concluded that a warm bath helps alleviate depression more than physical exercises. While it’s not an alternative to exercise, it’s no doubt that a hot bath in a walk-in tub is helpful for one’s mental health treatment.

More than that, as taking a bath becomes a dreaded chore for seniors, a walk-in tub will motivate them to take a bath regularly. It’s because of the relaxing and cozy vibe they get with walk-in tubs.

To better maximize the experience, you can use the chromotherapy feature of the tub. The various lights from this component will affect the body’s energy and mood levels better.

  1. Improves Skin Condition

The elderlies are prone to several skin conditions due to dryness. While people with disabilities or with mobility issues may have skin ailments for experiencing immobility for a long time. Luckily, a warm bath can make their skin better.

According to the National Eczema Association, taking a bath is way better than a shower. It will relieve skin conditions due to dryness like Eczema. For added benefit, you can buy a walk-in tub with a microbubbles feature. They can exfoliate the skin and can reach your body tissues effectively.

Final Thoughts

Taking a bath is something we owe to ourselves. Luckily, this advanced generation has made it possible for our elders to experience a safe and cozy bath. With walk-in tubs, bathing is not a critical chore for the boomers’ generation anymore.

So, does investing in a walk-in tub worth the hype and investment? Well, it definitely is!