Best Body Weight Exercises While Working From Home

Exercise should now be part of your daily routine. While you are working from home, you need to be able to balance out your health with your work. 

In this article, let us discuss the best bodyweight exercises that you can do while you are on a work-from-home arrangement.


What Are The Best Exercises That You Can Do While Working At Home?

Start the day with a stretch.

You should start the day with a stretch. Your fitness journey may begin and end with a stretch. A simple stretch exercise could take 5 to 10 minutes of your day but it makes all of the difference in terms of the flexibility of your joints and muscles.

By stretching, you give your joints and muscles some movement before you take a long sit-down in front of the computer or for a two-hour meeting. 

Stretching also helps relieve joint aches and muscle aches coming from sitting for too long. If you stretch once for five minutes in the morning, then another lunch set, and another one in the evening, your joints and muscles will thank you for it.

Online Yoga

One of the easiest exercises you can do at home is yoga. The only main equipment you need for this home exercise is the yoga mat. To invite you to start yoga, you can put the yoga mat near your workstation. Put it on a place where when you walk by it, you will be invited to use it.

If you are not the kind who gets easily enticed by seeing the equipment, schedule your yoga sessions. There are YouTube videos that you can watch online. For a short 30 to 40 minute class, you will enjoy the sweat and muscle workout that you will get.

Online Pilates

Now, we all know that yoga may not be for everyone. For that, there are online pilates classes. Online pilates is a series of concise movements. Like yoga, it can be done at home and in your own time. Pilates may sound all chill but it does require a lot of work and expertise.

There are a lot of workouts that cover online pilates. Start with beginner workouts and work your way to the expert workouts.

HIIT at home

HIIT or high-intensity interval training may seem like an exercise that you must do in the gym but it is not. HIIT workouts require very little equipment and are often focused on your body’s ability to withstand intense workouts.

Just by simply watching HIIT workouts, you can see that the movements are simple and easy to follow but they make people sweat like there is no tomorrow. 

If you are on a work-from-home setup, but with a very busy schedule, the HIIT workout can get you a quick workout and the sweat session you have been wanting to have. A lot of individuals who tried to regularly do HIIT as part of their workouts say that they can see the results quickly.

There are free 15-minute and 30-minute videos that you will find on Youtube for the HIIT style.

Calisthenics for your weight loss technique

There are some calisthenics coaching that you will find on YouTube. Calisthenics means bodyweight training. It also means using your body as a means of gaining personal bodily strength. 

Calisthenics is uber beginner-friendly and is typically performed following a rhythm. The rhythm includes doing some dips, squats, leg raises, and pull-ups. 

Can you do home workouts while on the clock? 

It depends. Of course, different work activities require different levels of focus. If you are interested in multitasking, there are a few things you can do while also doing some work tasks at home. 

Balance Exercises during Conference Calls

Zoom meetings that do not require your video presence can be maximized with balance exercises. You do not need to be sitting down during a conference call. To get rid of the sedentary nature of conference calls, you need to get up and try somebody balances while on the call; that is if you are not required to take notes.

Standing balances, arm movements, stretching exercises, and even a quick 30-second plank can mean all the difference for your body. You can try standing on one leg, the next one, then test out your balance.

Maximize Your Time

Whatever home workout you decide to try, the mindset that you should have is to maximize your time. Since you are working 8 hours a day, your body can only take the sedentary lifestyle for a while before you experience muscle aches and joint pains. Start now while you can and you will reap the benefits soon enough.