Best Fitness Apps To Use

Fitness apps are your work-from-home best friend. Since you cannot go to the gym nor go out, you need something that would keep you alive and alert while working from home. What are the best fitness apps that you can use? How can you maximize your time while using fitness apps? There are a couple of answers to these questions.

The Best Fitness Apps To Use

The best fitness apps to use depend on your use and preference. There are fitness apps that are for balance, some are for core strength, others focus on stretching and flexibility. With the many uses that you would want to have with the best fitness apps to use, which ones work for you?


Everybody knows that Youtube has a lot of videos and that includes a lot of fitness videos. Hence, if you are looking for one of the best fitness apps that you can use you can simply download the Youtube application and make it work to your advantage. The best part of it is that you do not even need to get a premium account because the videos are free. The quick 10-minute to 15-minute videos that you can use for your fitness goals are all available on Youtube.

Map My Run

Another popular fitness app is Map My Run. This is considered one of the best applications for tracking and mapping up all of your runs. It logs more than 600 different activities that you can do and it ensures that it also tracks the mileage on your shoes. For a lot of people who are starting on their fitness journey, it is a good aid in terms of knowing how long you can run and your endurance. You can also check out how you can have some success on your goals.

Fitness Buddy

Another kind of app that you can use for your fitness is Fitness Buddy. Fitness Buddy Is an amazing personal trainer and nutritionist in one. There are hundreds of workouts that tackle how you can use certain things in your home or at the gym for certain workouts. There are also a lot of personalized meal plans and recipes that you can take advantage of while using this application. 

One of the things about this app is that you can use it for its free service but it also offers a paid service at a price. For those who are familiar with subscription services, this is technically not bad and is ideal for individuals who want progressive workout plans at the beginning of their workouts up to the end or when they reach advanced stages of their workouts. 

JEFIT Workout Planner

If you are the type of person who likes creating plans for your workouts and not just following videos or other individuals’ plans, you would love this app. You can use this as a workout planner to create your fitness plans and the different routines that you want to pursue during your fitness journey. It allows you to browse exercise databases that you can use for inspiration and also provides the user with detailed exercise instructions. For the type of individual, this is one of the apps that you will enjoy. 

30 Day Fitness At Home

This application is considered as one of the better applications that work with Apple health apps. It helps automatically track your fitness goals and all of your achievements and tries to motivate you by pursuing and pushing reminders for you to work out. Of course, this means that you are required to work out for 30 days for you to see the difference. 

You may also access video instructions for different kinds of workouts and the different challenges that you may want to try out for different parts of your body. 

Workout for Women: Fitness App

The Workout for Women: Fitness App is considered as a good application for women who are having a busy day running around, taking care of their children, going to work, and doing all of the things that they need to do but still need to work out. 

The application tries to maximize a quick 7-minute workout for the user. It uses many different videos and voice instructions and at the same time uses all the applications on your iPhone to show you how many calories you have already burned and how your workouts and goals can be met in a specific time frame. 

Check Out The App Store

There are a lot of other applications that you can use for your fitness. The important thing here is for you to choose an application that works best for you and not what people say is the best for them. Just because an application is being used for fitness by many individuals, it doesn’t mean that it will also work for you. Mix and match and do not be afraid to try out some apps.