Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants is a common subject matter of inquiry nowadays. Individuals now aim to focus on their dental health as part of their overall health maintenance. 

Dental Implants

Generally, dental implants cost anywhere from a thousand dollars to four thousand dollars, depending on where you live as well as your oral needs. This also does not include the cost of preparation as well as the consultations before the whole procedure.

Some people tend to forget that a dental implant can cost a lot of money because it is a surgical procedure. In today’s pandemic-driven era we are seeing a lot of individuals working towards getting their teeth done after they get vaccinated because it has been a requirement. Hence, there are a lot of other costs that are not included in our averaging.

Of course, different kinds of dental implants come with different costs. Let us look at the different procedures, one by one. 

Tooth Extraction

Choose extraction is one of the most common dental implants that almost everybody would go through. It is normal for people to get their teeth extracted when they are young and even as adults.

Tooth extraction is not as easy as it sounds as it also includes the removal of one’s wisdom tooth. There are even different factors that affect the removal of one’s wisdom tooth.

For a fully erupted wisdom tooth, Where the keys have already been fully out and it is fully erupted the extraction is simple. Hence, it will cost between $300 to $1000. The procedure for fully erupted wisdom teeth will only take around 20 minutes and it involves very little time and anesthesia so it is easy to get removed by a regular dentist and does not need a surgeon for it.

On the other hand, if the wisdom tooth is impacted under a tissue such that it is stuck under a soft tissue and an incision needs to get done for it to be removed, the costs are different. The procedure will need to be done by a professional and licensed oral surgeon which will increase the costs associated with the extraction. However, this kind of tooth extraction is still simple considering that only a small incision needs to be done to have the teeth removed properly.

The more complicated procedure in tooth extraction would be the removal of the tooth under the bone. When your wisdom tooth is trapped in the jaw bone or under some other bone the extraction is very difficult. It requires time strategy and anesthesia that is also increased depending on the amount of time needed to extract the whole tooth.

Bone Graft

One of the more common dental procedures that individuals go through is the process of bone grafting. Typically, a bone graft dental implant can cost around $500 to $2000 depending on the need of the patient. 

If you lost a tooth because of a disease and injury or infection you are subject to bone grafting to insert the dental implant.

Dental Implant

If you have already got the tooth extracted and the dentist had already drafted the bone to be ready for the implant you would then have to face the dental implant process. The cost of getting a dental implant is between $2000 to $4000 depending on the preparation needed to get the implant.

Does my Insurance cover a Dental implant?

The only person who could answer this is you. Your insurance may or may not cover a dental implant depending on the dentist that you hire and the kind of procedure that you get. However, it is generally known that individuals who have insurance also get dental coverage. Either way, you should prepare to pay a little less than 5,000 dollars if you are going to pay in cash and not use your insurance provider for the dental implant.


While it is often answered a lot of people need to focus on their dental health as much as they focus on the other aspects of their health. Your dental health not only affects your physical well-being but also affects your overall total mental health as well as your confidence. You need to be confident in your smile for you to be confident in yourself and that is already established.

The world will not be wearing a face shield mask or a surgical mask forever and you need to show off that smile once again. The costs are still less than the rewards.