Cost of Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming services in the United States are not cheap. The typical homeowner can expect to spend hundreds of dollars on tree trimming services. 

In this article, let us look at the average cost of tree trimming services in the United States and the factors that affect the cost of tree trimming. 

Average Pricing

The average price of tree trimming services typically ranges between $315 to $700. While most of the homeowners would only pay less than $500, some can pay more than a thousand dollars for the trimming of a large tree that is over 60 feet tall.

Hence, you should expect to pay the following amounts when it comes to the cost of tree trimming services:

  • National Average Cost: $475
  • Typical Range: $315 to $700
  • Low End: $85
  • High End: $1,267

Factors Affecting The Cost of Tree Trimming

Different factors are affecting the cost of tree trimming. Let us look at the different factors affecting the costs of the tree trimming services:

Tree Size

The tree size is considered the most significant factor that affects the quote on the tree trimming bill that you may get. A tree trimming company will need to bring big equipment such as a heavy-duty tree trimmer for large trees, this drives up costs. 

Keep in mind that the bigger the size of the tree, the higher the risks involved to those who will try to trim it or remove it. Therefore, the higher the risks involved, the more expensive it will be for the homeowner.

What are the three sizes considered by agencies? Three sizes are considered by potential contractors in assessing – small, medium, and large. 

Large trees cost more.

Generally, taller trees require more equipment, more people, more time, and more strategies. Hence, tree trimming companies charge more if you have a large tree. The sizing of the tree follows the sizing chart set by the expert company.

Small trees require less work 

Small trees under their categories require less work and therefore cost less compared to the large ones.


The location of the tree also affects the cost associated with tree trimming. The location and the surrounding environment of the tree affect the equipment, the number of skilled workers, and the different services that you need to add to the tree trimming service.

For example, if the tree is located next to a structure such as a power line or it is next to your home, the contractor would need to take extra precautions to ensure that there are no falling tree branches that could damage the power lines and the structures around the tree. 

Do you even need a tree trimming service? Since the costs are high, you are probably considering not paying for the tree trimming service and you probably can, all you need to do is to call your utility company if the tree is near a power line. Part of the maintenance of the power lines and the power structure is trimming trees if it will affect the service they provide.


The accessibility of the tree refers to how easy it will be to trim. While the location of the tree and the size are important, the accessibility affects pricing and the costs that you should expect to shell out. 

Accessibility refers to the area of the tree. Contractors look at the highest point of the tree. To access the tallest point, contractors check if there is enough surrounding space using a bucket truck. Hence, the space needs to be able to access the bucket truck and they will need to access the tree’s top through other means. This also means a different set of tools and equipment.

Number of trees

How many trees are to be trimmed down? This affects the pricing associated with the tree trimming service. The charge is often on a per tree basis.


Keep in mind that getting a tree trimming service means that you are shelling out money and shouldering the expenses. The more challenging and riskier the job that you will get, the more you can expect to pay.

The job of tree trimming is not easy. This is why you pay hundreds of dollars for the service. Keep this in mind before you plant a tree in your backyard. If you cannot trim the tree properly and pay for its maintenance, you can always adopt a tree in other places where there are a lot of other trees.