Crafting Activities To Do with Kids

Keeping your kids entertained during quarantine is a challenge for many parents. It is even more challenging because even if we are dealing with a pandemic we are also still dealing with real-life challenges. If you are a remote worker with kids, the challenge is even greater.

With that, this article aims to provide information about some crafting activities that you can do with your kids while staying at home and being safe.


The Crafting Activities To Do with Kids

DIY Paper Bead Necklaces

If you have little girls then the best way to keep them entertained through crafting is by channeling their inner jeweler. Creating bead necklaces out of old magazine clippings or newspaper prints are just some of the best ways that you can keep them busy the whole day. 

For this activity, all you need is some old recycled magazines, some strings, some glue, and you are good to go.

DIY Friendship Bracelets

Crafting is also about having an end product that your kids will enjoy using. A friendship bracelet that they can do with different patterns and with different strings will keep them busy throughout the day. This crafting activity can also be done with the first one dealing with bead necklaces. The only thing that you should be very careful of is the fact that your kids may want a lot more string during the day.

DIY Thumbprint Family Tree

For a more gender-neutral kind of activity, you will love the thumbprint family tree. It is a very simple activity where your children can use their thumbprints and use different colors to depict your family tree.  This is also a very important activity in terms of helping out your children remember the family members that are far away from them while they are in quarantine

Color-Mixing Experiment

You can also teach your children about the different colors through a classic crafting technique. The use of vinegar and baking soda experiment becomes even more exciting when there is a food coloring that is added to the mix. 

If your child is already in school and has been studying colors and all that, they would enjoy this experiment at home. The only catch is that this is a crafting activity that your children should do with you as it requires adult supervision especially since vinegar and baking soda comes with their chemical reaction. 

Pasta World Map

A fun activity that your children will also enjoy while learning is to create a world map with a 3d twist. Let them paint the color off the earth and follow the geographical look of the continents through different colors and shapes of pasta.

As an alternative, you may also use crumpled-up paper that you would ask them to color differently to show the different continents of the world. This activity is very simple and cost-effective while at the same time your children will take a long time doing it.

DIY Bubble Wrap Prints

Your kids will enjoy putting your online shopping addiction to good use through the use of bubble wraps. If you like shopping online and you know that there are bubble wraps on your packages you simply need to sanitize them and dry them up before your kids play with them. By simply using paint that is safe for use of kids and a coupon bond or any whitepaper your children can have bubble wrap prints by using the bubble wrap as stamps. They can do it in different colors and different shapes and whatever scheme that they want. Your children can have anything that they would need.

As it is, you may also ask your children to just play with bubble wraps and make different sounds with them as part of your bonding activity with your kids. There are endless possibilities with bubble wrap that you get from your shopping packages so it is better that you do not throw them away not just for your children’s creativity but also recycling purposes and mother earth.

Allot Some Time For Your Kids

Whatever activity you may choose to do with your children is up to you. The important thing to remember is that you should allow yourself to give some time to your kids. Spending some time with them while they are doing activities or checking up on them even if you are doing remote work is normal. However, giving time and setting up a specific period for the day freedom to be creative with you is another bonding experience that your children will cherish.