Fitness Ideas While Working at Home

Turning Your Work at Home Setup To A Working Out At Home Setup

The work from home setup could be detrimental to your physical health and mental health. If left unchecked, you could be looking at serious health consequences when your life, day in and day out, would revolve around working. So, what kind of work would prevent you from getting health problems because of you working from home? The answer is a home workout.


In this article, let us talk about fitness ideas that you can implement while you are working at home. To begin, let us discuss the scenario that most American families and families all over the world are experiencing right now as well as how you can address them with the right fitness regimen.

Working At Home 

Before 2020, we all imagine a life where we can all stay at home and work at home. However, we never imagined that working at home and staying at home could also cost a different kind of stress, not just towards our mental health but also our physical health. 

Imagine this scenario, you are at home and working from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening. After your shift, you feel that you have to continue working because basically, you have to deal with them again tomorrow. Procrastination is a problem at work but it becomes a worse stressor at home. What ends up being compromised other than your work-life balance? It is your health and physical fitness.

If you are one of these individuals, then you are probably starting to forget that your health is still one of the more important things that you should give time to. Working at home does not mean that you are at the beck and call of your office 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Working Out At Home

Now that we have settled the reality that most homes and families are facing every day, let us talk about how you can slowly stop focusing on your work from home setup to your working out at home setup.

Stretch during your breaks.

The perfect thing that you can do to begin your fitness journey is to start stretching during your breaks. Break down your working hours as if you are in the office and you need to take some break. A good rule would be to take a five-minute break every hour and of course, maximize your lunchtime and your morning and afternoon breaks.

During your 5 minute breaks, you should try to stretch and stand up from your desk and just do some stretching exercises. This is the first step towards your commitment to turning your work from home set up to working out at home setup. 

Try a standing desk.

You can buy a standing desk or a standing laptop holder for this purpose. you can also buy or use the breakfast nook that you have in your office and stand up while in a meeting or while trying to crunch up some numbers at work. you do not have to sit all day while you are working from home. The mental stress that you are experiencing can be addressed by some physical exercises and simply standing up can do the trick in the beginning. 

Have a glass of water near your workstation.

Never underestimate the power of a good glass of water now and then. Having a glass of water or a pitcher of water near you while you work is a good trick to remind yourself that you need to drink that glass. Water is your best fitness friend.

Commitment To Your Fitness

After you tried stretching during your breaks, using a standing desk, and drinking water now and then, it is now time for you to make that commitment to your fitness. There are a couple of things that you can do at home that could turn into a good fitness habit. 

YouTube Videos

There are a lot of youtube videos out there that are sharing physical exercises that you can do for a short amount of time. A quick 10-minute workout after your lunch or a 30-minute workout after you log off from work could mean the difference between a healthy body or your body feeling the strain of your new work setup. 

Classes Online

If you used to go to a gym and cannot do so now, another best trick would be for you to take classes online. While some gyms have already closed others have opened up some classes online based on a schedule. You can simply choose the schedule that works best for you and a workout for two days a week is not bad. 

To Buy Or Not To Buy Tools?

A lot of individuals who are also looking for better ways to become fit are looking into buying tools. There are tools and equipment are available online such as stationary bikes, yoga materials, and some weights that you can use at home. The only person who can determine whether you are ready to buy tools or not is yourself. However, a good rule to follow would be if you are already able to commit to a fitness schedule, then you should buy that equipment.