Foods That Make You Lethargic

Lethargy is the fancy word for tired. It simply means a lack of enthusiasm. Due to the recent pandemic, psychologists say that lethargy is a common feeling shared among workers, both remote workers, and field workers. 

Everybody feels tired of the restrictions and everyday living. Even in the post-pandemic world, lethargy is still the enemy.

With that, let us look at the foods that make you feel lethargic and the ones that can fight lethargy. 

Lethargic Food

Foods That Make You Lethargic

If you are suddenly feeling sluggish or tired after a meal, the following are the common culprits of what you are feeling:


Pasta is one example of a carb that you think would be good for you but not really. While carbs give you a jolt of energy, you need to know that the high sugar and flour content can cause you to feel tired, drowsy, and sluggish. Keep in mind that one of the most important things that you need to prevent in your diet, and for a healthy lifestyle, are complex carbohydrates.


Bananas are believed to be good for heart health and nerve function. However, bananas may also be the cause of problems if your body reacts to the high magnesium content more than the potassium. Keep in mind that magnesium aids sleep and is often called a relaxation mineral. You may want to steer clear of bananas if you want more energy every day.

High-fat meats

When you eat red meat or any meat with high fat, you may feel an energy boost but you will eventually be weighed down after eating. This is because fats are hard to break down so your body’s energy goes from a fat high to a contained version where your body is trying to digest the fats. 


Cherries are good for the body, but not for your energy. Melatonin is prevalent in cherries and they are in high concentration on cherries. As such, when you eat cherries, you are restoring your body’s natural sleep cycle so you would end up feeling sleepy and tired.


Salmon is considered as one of those meats that are a great source of protein. A lot of people eat salmon as part of their diet. However, salmon is rich in Vitamin B6 and that is what the body uses to make melatonin, the sleep hormone.


Halibut is another kind of food that is much like salmon. Much like salmon, halibut is rich in Vitamin B6 and that is what the body uses to make melatonin, the sleep hormone.


People who are on a diet have lettuce as part of their normal diet. Unfortunately, you may be feeling sluggish not because you just ate a salad for your meal but because of the sedative substance called lactucin that is present in lettuce. There are some studies on mice that show the calming and pain-relieving effect of lettuce.


Your favorite Thanksgiving meal may not be the best one if you want to stop feeling lethargic. You know that feeling you get after Thanksgiving dinner? The feeling might not be caused by being full but because of the turkey itself.

Foods To Fight Lethargy

Some foods will help you fight the feeling of lethargy and they are the following:


Water is perhaps one of the most important drinks you can have to fight off lethargy. Dehydration can cause a sluggish feeling. If you want to be able to get some energy while working, drinking water in the middle of the workday could be good for you.


Nuts are also good as an anti-lethargy snack food that you can have. With some good nuts, you can expect to have renewed energy.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are amazing. They work to make you feel full so they are good parts of your diet and they also help you fight off lethargy.


Eating oats daily has a lot of benefits. From the high fiber content to the fact that you can have more energy after eating it, oats are a good thing.

Your Diet Is Important

Your diet is important. While you think that a certain food is healthy for you, it probably is healthy but the effects you may want to achieve are not always the same. 

For example, eating lettuce is healthy but if your health problem is having too much sleep then staying away from lettuce might be a good idea.

Keep in mind that whatever your goal may be, your diet is important. Choose your meals wisely.