Gadgets to Help While Working from Home

Though some people find it easy to work from home, some have difficulties when it comes to productivity. Luckily, you don’t have to worry if you belong to the latter. Working from home can be less challenging if you have the right gadgets with you.

In this article, we’ll cover the top gadgets that can help your productivity and make a work-from-home setup more bearable. They’re as follows:

1. Bluetooth Keyboard

A Bluetooth keyboard is highly recommended because having many cables on your work desk can only create clutter and distraction. You can purchase a Bluetooth keyboard with backlit keys, but this kind of keyboard can be rare for the wireless type.

It‘s also great if your Bluetooth keyboard can be connected to multiple devices and has a rechargeable feature so you don’t have to store a set of batteries.

2. Wide Monitor

A wide monitor is truly a WFH essential that you will not regret. You can have numerous overlapped windows or full windows up simultaneously. Nevertheless, it is best to get a monitor that is at least 34 inches and 1440 dp for the resolution.

3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

This is a must for anyone working or studying from home. Family members, partners, or roommates can be distracting when you are participating in a call. This is where noise-canceling headphones come in handy.

Aside from allowing you to stay focused on your meetings, you can also listen to your favorite music to increase your productivity without the noise distractions from your surroundings.

4. Latest Smartphone

Each year, newer smartphone models get released into the market. With most of them sold at very affordable prices, picking one that has upgraded and advanced features such as better privacy, mobile network, display, and camera, among many others, is the most sensible option money-wise.

5. Portable Desk

Many people attest that changing your location during the day can improve your productivity as you work from home. If you prefer to do a lot of tasks on the floor, couch, or any place without a surface, getting a portable desk can be to your advantage.

Not only does it balance your laptop, but it also makes working more comfortable since it protects your legs from overheating.

6. Universal Gadget

If possible, it is recommended to have a single charger for your gadgets. Even though it’s okay to use your existing chargers, that means you have to switch what you put in and out of your electric socket constantly.

This can result in a clutter of wires which can make your work area look terrible. It also helps to get designated chargers to your workplace so that you don’t bring them with you all the time.

7. Mini Coffee Maker

Since you don’t go to the office anymore, you don’t need to get a bulky machine for making multiple cups of coffee. A mini coffee maker has the ideal size for making a single cup, making it perfect for coffee lovers who work remotely.

Many people also consider this as a top WFH gadget since coffee can help improve memory, promote better alertness, and enhances more productive. Nothing better than seeping a cup of Joe at work, right?

8. External Hard Disk Drive

An external hard disk drive is a must if you need to store a lot of documents and files at work. Since it has a huge storage space and other high-speed features, you don’t have to worry about saving and backing up important documents.

9. A Multi-Port Hub

A multi-port hub connects all your gadgets at the same time in your computer and also disconnects them all easily when you are finished. You can plug in and use your computer with a memory card, printer, modem, external screen, and flash drive all at the same time.

Some hubs even offer power transfer so that you can charge your laptop while all these devices are connected.

10. Seat Cushion

When you have a good seat cushion, then you’re provided with support and comfort in your whole body. That’s why a durable cushion is really handy for a work-from-home setup. You don’t want to sit uncomfortably for more than 8 hours every day.

You should get this if you sit most of the time so that you will not feel stiff or sore.

Any Gadgets You Think Should Belong to This List?

It doesn’t not matter if you have been working at home for many years or just starting to get the hang of it. Adding these WFH gadgets allows you to work more comfortably and productively. These can be great gift ideas if you know someone who works from home. If you have some gadgets we missed, don’t hesitate to share it with us.