Most Stylish Coffee Tables

When it comes to your interior design, your living space won’t be complete without a coffee table. After all, it’s the center and most convenient space in the living area.

Aside from this, it also holds your coffee or drinks, flower decor, and sometimes where you rest your legs when lounging. Still, choosing the right one for your living room can be daunting, especially with the many coffee tables available, varying in size, style, and material. 

Coffee Table

With that said, to help you out, here are the most stylish and trendy table types you can choose for your space. 

1. Geometric-shaped coffee table

If you think a round coffee table is too standard for your space, you may want to try geometric furniture. In this case, you can choose any abstract, pentagonal, and hexagonal shape to add something unique to your living room.

In fact, these would surely complement your living room, especially if the interior has no pop-up colors or bright accents.

2. Takhat wood coffee table

A Takhat wood coffee table can be perfect for completing your contemporary or rustic interior. This style originated from the Indonesian Weavers table, and it has a classy and antique look yet still gives you a more modern vibe.

With that said, this table features solid wood and a straight-edge top. If you want to add a feminine touch, you can add trendy dried flowers in a glass vase with scented candles on the side. In this case, any color would match it because the table doesn’t have any undertones.

3. Minimalist triangular coffee table

A triangular coffee table can look so chic in any living room. After all, it highlights an aesthetic and timeless design. On the other hand, if you want a more luxurious vibe, you can go for a black triangular table.

However, if your interior has a light theme, opting for white tables would be better. Of course, while a natural wood material is a trend, it might not suit a more sophisticated living area.

So, in this case, your living space would have a more stylish touch with marble, glass, steel, and acrylic texture. Similarly, you can also try mixed textures like glass and metal or brass and wood.

4. Modular coffee table

A modular coffee table is a design that features a two-table system. While you can place them in the living area separately, having them assembled together would be cool and stylish. Aside from this, it will make your living space more functional and versatile.

Moreover, this type of table is also oozing with convenience. After all, it can serve as extra storage for books, decor, and other items.

In addition, it can also be transformed into a dining table. Because of this, this table is a must-have for those living in a tiny apartment or condominium.

5. Cottage-style coffee table

If you want a simple yet elegant table, you can never go wrong with this style. Cottage-style tables offer a more humble and whole-hearted vibe. In fact, having coffee at this table can make you feel like you’re celebrating all imperfections, as well as the togetherness of family.

Overall, this style usually features feminine lines, as shown in its turned legs. Moreover, tables in this style are usually painted with imperfect finishes. Overall, it’s aesthetic, cozy, and modern.

6. Industrial coffee table

An industrial coffee table might seem like it’s more suited as a working table. After all, it has a purposeful look utilizing wood and sturdy metal construction that’s better for working than relaxing.

However, you can place it in an open space or a garden area to add something extra to the space. Moreover, this is also excellent for a loft-style living space surrounded by a soft couch and pillows.

In addition, you can also add a more feminine touch to this straightforward table by decorating it with neutral colors and indoor tropical plants.

7. Parsons coffee table

A Parsons coffee table features a modern rectangular or square design. It’s often made from thick wood with a flat top and square legs. Overall, this style is simple, but it can be embellished with any upholstery or design scheme.

So, if you think your interior is overly designed, this table is perfect to balance the interior. Similarly, it’s also wide enough to hold your favorite table decors.

8. Contemporary coffee table

Although sometimes confused with modern coffee tables, this style offers something different than the latter. In this case, it often highlights bright accents with stark interiors.

Moreover, what’s great about this style is that it is usually made with various materials. In fact, it can be made from wood, glass, marble, or metal. To achieve a timeless classic look with a contemporary twist, you can also add some greenery and ceramics.

Similarly, you can also place a large orchid as a centerpiece to add a touch of elegance to your coffee table.

Final Thoughts

Overall, your living room sets the tone of your house’s interior, with your coffee table serving as its centerpiece. Because of this, it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

However, when choosing a coffee table, it’s best to prioritize functionality over style. After all, what’s the use of a gorgeous coffee table if it can’t be used as one, right? With that said, spruce up your living area with some of these versatile and stylish coffee tables.