Online Degrees to Consider for Your Career Change

When it comes to your career, you do not want to just make any rash decisions. In today’s pandemic-ridden world there are a lot of factors that have affected learning and university education. Online degrees are now available for many to thrive in. 

With that, this article aims to provide information on the best online degrees that you can take while in quarantine so you can go out of the quarantine with an even better resume ready to face the world, or perhaps for a career change.

Why get an online degree?

An online degree is like the best answer to boredom and anxiety brought about by the pandemic and the quarantine. Other than that, an online degree is also able to give you a career change if you are already considering making a big leap. 

What are the online degrees that you can get today? What are the professions that can help you change your career for good? Let us look at the list.

The Online Degrees You Can Get For A Career Change

Solar technology installer

Renewable energy is considered one of the biggest game-changers of the new century. A lot of people are investing in renewable energy such as solar, wind, turbine, and even ocean energy. With the limited supply of coal and fossil fuel, this emerging industry is also an emerging money source waiting to happen.

During this pandemic, or even after, any person can take their chance and study solar photovoltaic installation. There are now different online school programs that teach undergraduate and graduate degree levels in sustainable energy and specific solar technology. It is also not bad in terms of pay as the median salary reaches up to $39,400 annually with six-figure potential for top installers

Home healthcare

Another booming kind of industry is home healthcare and degrees are available online for individuals who want to become a part of it. To date, there are different online associate nursing degree programs or nursing assistant programs that individuals can take that teach the basics of helping individuals eat, dress, and bathe. While the tasks may seem like everyday tasks, having an online degree would be in your favor. You would also love the annual salary of $23,210.

Physician assistant

If you have always wanted to work in the medical field or the presence of doctors but did not have the financial capacity to apply for a loan or the mental aptitude to become a physician your next best option would be to become a physician assistant.

Physician assistants practically practice medicine with a team of licensed physicians and nurses. They are qualified to assess and treat patients as long as they are being supervised by a physician. The online degree for physician assistants are often at the master’s level so if you are already a graduate of the university and you want to shift to a medical field or you are already in it you can take up a Master’s in Physician Assistant


Statisticians are considered professionals and are very sought after especially when it comes to data analysis. Today city stations or individuals who want to become a statistician can get their skill set by getting an online degree. Some online universities offer a Bachelor’s in Mathematical Statistics or Masters in Statistics. With an average salary of $84,000, you will benefit greatly from this new career.

Software Developers

A career change that you will need to get online or in the presence of a computer will be a software developer. Given the current technological and technical prowess required to create applications and deal with artificial intelligence, software developers are much needed and the demand is high. If you want to take an online program to become a software developer, you can take the Bachelors in Computer Science or Masters in Computer Science. Software development can earn you as much as  $101,790 per year.

Enhance your computer skills

If you are considering getting an online degree or getting into an online program to help you change your career or maybe enhance your skills, you should do so. However keep in mind that in today’s age the best kind of skill set that you can enhance would be your medical skill set such as for those who would take nursing assistant or physician assistant jobs and computer skill sets where you can work with artificial intelligence, software development, and you can keep up with the digital times.