Places to visit in the Northeast US

The Northeast USA is packed full of exciting places to visit. From a walk through the bustle of Time Square in New York to a drive along the beautiful New England coastline, the uppermost corner of the Eastern Seaboard has something for everyone, whether natural beauty or urban vibrancy is your thing.

It is not an easy task given the wide range of choices, but this article makes a few recommendations of great places to visit in the Northeast of the USA.

New York City

Let’s start with the ‘Big Apple’ because no trip to any part of the US is complete without visiting the city that never sleeps. The place we all know even before we visit, the first trip to Manhattan can feel like being in the movies.

Once you are there, get yourself a downtown hotel and grab your walking boots as there is no better way to see New York than on foot. You can hop on and off the Metro or buses to save your feet, but the largest city in the US is best experienced by following your nose.

Start with a boat trip over to Liberty Island to see the famous Statue of Liberty, follow in the footsteps of stars with a jaunt down Broadway, and see the city from the eyes of the birds from the top of the Empire State Building. A stroll through Central Park is always strangely peaceful no matter the time of year, and you can unwind after your day’s exploring with a stage show and dinner at one of the city’s many famous Italian restaurants.


If you still fancy some more big-city action, head up the coast to Boston, Massachusets. The New England coastal city retains a colonial-era feel and a treasure of fascinating historical treasures.

Whether you are a sports fan or just a casual observer, ‘Beantown’ is also famous for its major league sports teams. Depending on the season, the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots offer baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and football action. Boston is also oozing with culture, from the beautiful Faneuil Hall market to the Tea Party experience.

From the vibrance and history of the city, you can also head down to the waterfront from where you can also catch a tour boat to enjoy the thrill of wild whale watching in the Atlantic.

Cape Cod National Seashore

Staying in New England, you may also want to take the chance to visit the splendid Cape Cod National Seashore. Featuring over 40 miles of stunning sand, swamps, salt marshes, and dunes, the area features everything from beautiful beaches to delicate ecosystems of marine wildlife to enjoy.

Exploring Cape Cod, you will encounter picturesque lighthouses, beautiful wooden coastal dwellings, and wild cranberry swamps. The National Seashore is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and some sea swimming, hunting, and stunning biking and walking trails.

Niagara Falls

From history and big cities to one of the most breathtaking natural tourist destinations on the planet, the Northeast US is also home to the world-famous Niagara Falls waterfalls. Heading slightly east, a road trip across New York State to get there is a lot of fun in itself. When you arrive there, the falls provide an adrenaline rush that few places can match.

The three waterfalls that comprise Niagara Falls make for a spectacular sight. You can enjoy them from the safety and comfort of the many viewing points around the perimeter. A visit at night is a truly spectacular experience, especially on a warm summer evening.


Heading south to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there is a whole range of tourist attractions to indulge in.

The former US Capital, Philadelphia, is home to the historic Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence in the Independence Hall. The largest city in Pennsylvania is also home to many other famous attractions from the Revolutionary era.

For art (and movie) fans, the Philadelphia Museum of Art a cultured way to spend an afternoon, and the steps at the front of the building were made famous by Sylvester Stallone in Rocky. For animal lovers, Philadelphia Zoo is a must-see. Ranked alongside San Diego Zoo and Tampa Bay for its zoological contributions, the 42-acre park is home to well over 1,200 animals, many of which are on the endangered species list. The Zoo also makes a great family day out, with paddleboats, a carousel, and a kids petting zoo for the little ones to enjoy.