Tips For Decorating a Spare bedroom

Decorating a square bedroom is no longer a problem in this day and age. If you have a specific use in mind it would be very easy to decorate the spare bedroom. Even if you do not have a specific use in mind and you just want to use it as a guest bedroom there are also some ways that you can liven up the space available for you.


In this article let us look at some of the ways that you can decorate a spare bedroom depending on the use that you want for it.

Home Office

One of the more popular ways to decorate a home bedroom is to use it as a home office. A home office had become popular because of the learners that the world has had during the pandemic. When we were all forced to stay at home and spend our working days at home, a home office came in handy.

The home office has become a very beautiful and functional use of a spare bed. If you are to decorate it as such you will not be wasting any of your money or your time. 

If you are going to decorate a spare bedroom as a home office the first thing that you need to do is to prepare a daybed. While this furnishing is more of a functional needle on an aesthetic one it is very important. You should have a daybed so you can take a nap in the middle of the workday or take your breaks and have coffee on that daybed.

Once you know where you will place the day bed, opposite it should be the table and your office chair. Your office chair should be just big enough to stay in one place and it should focus on your comfort. There are a lot of tables and office chairs that are now available online. You should check them out and see which ones would fit your specific needs and requirements.

After you have the big furniture in place and you know where to put them, accessorizing and putting accents on the walls would be your next priority. For your home office, the rule that you should follow is that the less you put in it the more you will be able to focus on your work.

Clutter is one of the more powerful enemies that we have that affect our focus. If you want to be able to just focus on your work, you can either face the working table on the table or not place anything unnecessary on the work area.

Guest Bedroom

If you are looking to make the spare bedroom a guest bedroom there are a couple of things that you can do to decorate it.

First, make sure that you decide on a team and stick with it. Some people go for the route of a more hotel room kind of feel for their guest room. This means that there are no personalized things or personalized touches on the bedroom until you find out who will be sleeping and in it.

Once you get the theme now the next important thing is to decide whether you will go for accents or you will go for a simpler approach for the bedroom. You can buy artwork from supermarkets or department stores that you like and put them on the walls. There is no need to clutter the room with art because you will still find what you are looking for with just a painting or two.

Do what you want.

The room does not even have to have a purpose. It can be there waiting for you when you are ready to paint again or become artistic. It can be there as a home office or as a guest room. It can be there as your mini library or a walk-in closet. However, whether we would like to decorate your spare bedroom is up to you. Whether you go for the functional route or the more fun route, you can always have fun in the spare bedroom you made and decorated yourself.


Decorating a spare bedroom is one of the happiest things that you can do during a pandemic. Whenever you have time or you have the energy for it you can always put your mind to decorating that spare bedroom. While there may be some rules that other interior decorators, the most important one are to follow what makes you happy especially when it comes to decorating your property.