Tips For Decorating An Empty Hallway

Owning a property is not just about having your own space but it is also about making sure that you make a beautiful space for yourself and your family. If you have spaces at home that are not yet properly decorated or that are not yet properly designed the way that you wanted them to, you are in the right place. 



In this article, let us look at some of the tips available for decorating an empty hallway.

Mirrors are your best friend.

There are different kinds of things that you can do when you are starting the process of decorating, the best way to start is by using a set of mirrors. Using a mirror is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to be cost-effective in creating space at home.

Professional interior decorators pretreated the need for mirrors on spaces that are small or on spaces that you want to decorate. It is cost-effective and functional to place a mirror in a hallway against a wall or on top of a table. The decision as to where you can place the mirror is dependent on you.

Use proper lighting or light fixtures

There are different ways of lighting a hallway or space that you have at home. Whether you go for a standalone lighting fixture or a fixture you can install is dependent on the theme that you are going for but the important thing is that you check out lighting options.

One of the more common ways that you can do this is to use a sconce. A sconce is said to give any space the personality that it needs. Of course, the kind of sconce that you will put on your hallway depends on the overall theme that you were going for. Either way, you should put a sconce on the hallway and make use of proper lighting.

Lighting fixtures, their location, and even their color say a lot about the personality of the house. Use this to your advantage. 

Use the right wallpaper you like.

Whether you are decorating a small folding or an accent, you must use the right wallpaper. You would know if you have the right wallpaper when it matches the overall theme of your house and at the same time it is what you want.

A lot of people tend to buy anything that they think would match the house but do you like it? At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you would like the wallpaper that you buy. It may look aesthetic and beautiful on the part of the guests or in interior design rules but does the owner of the house find it pleasing? Your guests will only be staying for a while but your house is yours for the rest of the time.

Make use of a console

Using your hallway as a storage area for guest towels, or anything that you want to declutter is also going to be good. Make use of a console and make sure that you maximize the vertical space with storage. This is a good use of space and a good way to decorate your hallway.

A good tip for your hallway console is to keep it clear. A clear storage console with little clutter that can be seen outside of the drawers is good. If you have the budget for it, you may also go for a clear glass table and make sure that you do not overpopulate it with too many decorations.

Use the hallways as a memory gallery

If you are starting as a family or you are very much into getting memories as decorations for your home, you can use the hallways as a memory gallery. Put up photos of you and your children. Make sure that you use the hallways as a memory gallery so you can see the growth and progress of your children if you are going down this route.

You can also use some paintings or some other artwork to brighten up the hallway.


Whatever way you decide to decorate your empty hallway, make sure that you are the one who likes it. Your taste and preference should reflect your way of life and not the other way around. You should not have a space that is waiting to get used or a space that follows someone else’s room. You should follow your tastes. Once you do that, you will find that you will enjoy your interior design better.