Top Tools to Help With Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is here. A lot of people are now ready to get started on cleaning their homes and making sure that their families live in a clean environment. With that, let us look at some of the best kinds of tools that can help you with your spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning

The Tools you can use

Tools are important to reduce the strain of work you do while doing spring cleaning. You have to carefully choose the right tools and equipment to help get you where you want to go. The following are the most commonly used (and best) tools that you can use for your spring cleaning.

For Surfaces

For surfaces, the best tools that you can use depend primarily on the surface that you are trying to clean. What kind of sponge or cloth works for what surface? Let us look at the list:

A Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge

A non-scratch scrub sponge is perfect for surfaces that you want to stay clean and that you want to stay scratch-free.  For example, when you are removing soap scum on the tub and tiles you need to use a non-scratch scrub sponge so that it would do the job without doing any damage to your tiles and tubs. This is also the situation for your windows, kitchen countertops, toys, water stains on surfaces, patio furniture, and even on your door knobs. You may also look at using the same sponge for your car interior cleaning after you’re done spring cleaning your home.

Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth is also the one that you should use when you want to tackle a mess that needs a very delicate touch. Surfaces that are scratch-free and that cannot be handled by a non-scratch scrub sponge can be cleaned by a microfiber cloth. If you want your microfiber cloth to work perfectly, you can also use the following techniques:

  • Add vinegar to clean windows and mirrors using the microfiber cloth;
  • Use baking soda and any kind of detergent to act as your cleaning liquid;
  • Kitchen surfaces must be clean with soap and water while using the microfiber cloth.
A Grout and Detail Brush

You also need a Grout and Detail Brush for your spring cleaning. Spring cleaning requires that you can brush away some of the common problems that we have daily. You need a Grout and Detail Brush to clean shower and tile grout, kitchen backsplash, and the window and door trim and track.


The Grout and Detail Brush is fairly different from your all-purpose brush and must have different purposes. This is where the scrubber acts as your all-purpose brush. The scrubber can clear the garden and shop tools, grill and oven racks, and even remove garage grease and oil stains.

For Floors

General cleaning or spring cleaning your floors is not as easy as it sounds. You may be able to vacuum your floors once or twice a week. Some households can vacuum once or twice a day, but spring cleaning the floors is not just about vacuuming but also about really getting into the process.

For this you need the following tools:

  • A wet and dry vacuum;
  • A roll map;
  • A broom for really getting into the dirt; and 
  • A dust bag.

Pro-Tip: A tool that is very important for you to have during whatever stage of cleaning would be your garbage bags. Make sure that you have the right garbage bags and that you can throw them out and segregate the garbage properly. This is another topic to discuss.

The best tool: your family members

One of the best tools that money cannot buy would be the members of your family. Even with all of the different tools being complete one single person cannot do the house cleaning on his own without feeling tired, overworked, and of course, missing out on some important family matters.

With that, keep in mind that the best tool that you can have would be the members of your family. By designating areas for every member and making sure that you make every member work on a chore, no matter how simple it could be, you would be done with cleaning in no time.

Get help from everyone

Get help from every member of the family. Even your toddlers and small children can have a little tour of cleaning out their activity area and putting away their toys. You can always maximize spring cleaning time as a time for bonding with your family as well.