Where to Start Your Spring Cleaning In Your House

The pandemic has forced all of us to stay inside our homes. The typical scenario of you sending off your kids in the morning and going to work right after is no longer the normal thing. We are all now in the phase of the new normal where life is all about being with our housemates, our children, our parents, and anybody who lives in our household, every single moment of every day. This makes spring cleaning trickier but not impossible.

Spring Cleaning

With that, this article aims to provide you some tips on how and where you can start your spring cleaning in your house.

Start with the Bathroom

The first thing that you should start when you are spring cleaning your house is the bathroom. Not only is the bathroom one of the hardest places to clean but it requires a specific timeline for the use of the chemicals and as well as for the chemicals to work on the tiles and the tub as well. 

The Requirements

If you have a shower enclosure, cleaning that up already requires an hour and takes some time for the chemicals to work. If you are cleaning up the tiles you would need to deep clean them slowly and make sure that you brush every side of the tiles. If you are already on the toilet bowl that is another thing that you need to properly give time to in terms of brushing, washing, and proper cleaning.

The Process

When you start with a bathroom you should first start-up and work your way down. This means that you should first clean the tiles that are on the walls before you touch any of the other tiles on the floor. The reason for this is very obvious so we do not need to deal with it anymore.

After cleaning up the walls you should make sure that you brush the sink and the mirrors and make sure that you wash them properly with the right tools. 

Next comes the toilet bowl which you would need to put in chemicals on that may or may not be organic and you need to brush it properly. Some households often brush the porcelain part only and the outside of the water tank. However, it is better to clean even the inside of the water tank as it may be home to many other bacteria and microorganisms. 

Finally, when you are done with all that and you have deep cleaned the walls, the sink, and the tub, and the toilet bowl, then you can go to the tiles on the floor. This part can be tricky especially if you have heated floors or you have a bathroom rug or a carpet which requires a different kind of washing and cleaning.

For this kind of scenario, you should make sure that you already have a replacement carpet or bathroom rug that is ready to be placed on your bathroom after you deep cleaned it. 

If you notice, cleaning a bathroom is not even half of the battle that you have to fight when you do spring cleaning. If you have a big bathroom or you have two or more cleaning they would already take more than half of your day which is why we recommend spring cleaning to be done for more than a week so you can properly do it and do it right.

Even with the right vacuum and right tools, it takes time for you to clean a household especially if you are very specific as to the level of cleanliness that you want.

What comes next?

After you clean up all of the bathrooms, that is the only time that you can move on to the next steps. We will no longer be discussing the next steps because you wanted to put our focus on where you should start your spring cleaning. However, the following are the next steps that you should look forward to:

  • Move to Dust and Organizing Your Living Area;
  • Do Some Mopping and Vacuuming of the Rooms; and
  • Clean The Kitchen.

Share The Chores

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind when it comes to cleaning during this time is that you need not do it alone. If you are living in a full house with all of your family members you should set a time for spring cleaning and do the task together. 

One of the great advantages of being in quarantine with your family is the fact that you can do chores together and spring cleaning should not be an exception to that.